About WISH 2016

UPDATE (5/4/2016): The WISH 2016 program is now available here, with downloadable PDFs of posters and papers.

Workshop Date: Saturday, May 7, 2016 – public and open to everyone

(Please note that although CHI lists WISH as a 2-day workshop, Sunday is an invitation-only meeting of the WISH steering committee).

News: Although WISH is listed as a 2-day workshop, for those who are participating on just Saturday, you only need the one-day registration fee. The access code for registration is accessW07.

The Workshop on Interactive Systems in Healthcare (WISH) brings together industry and academic researchers in human computer interaction and biomedical informatics to develop a cross-disciplinary research agenda that will drive future innovations. In addition, the workshop facilitates a common, safe space to share and discuss methods, study designs, and dissemination within each community. The workshop has actively provided mentoring opportunities to junior and new health informatics researchers – from undergraduates to mid-career researchers who want to change their focus. This will be the fifth WISH in the series of successful workshops that has helped bring together different research communities around challenges of designing, implementing, and evaluating interactive health technologies.

This year’s WISH will be co-located with the ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) in San Jose, CA.

Please take a look at our Call for Papers for more details on how to participate in WISH!

As we have received multiple inquiries about the differences in engagement and quality of submission types, please note that:

Original Research and Research Highlights Submission Engagement: If selected as an Original Research or Research Highlights submission, authors will have the opportunity to present at WISH.  If a submission is not selected for presentation, it will be considered for a poster presentation.

Interactive Poster Engagement: Posters provide researchers with the opportunity to do a 1-minute madness and present their poster to gain valuable community feedback during a 2-hour session. For minute madness, poster presenters will be categorized into smaller groups spread throughout the workshop so that the majority of attendees can still see the presentations and identify projects they are interested in engaging with.

Research Submission Quality: Original Research and Research Highlights submissions should be on par with the quality of a good workshop submission–the study/activity is completed and some analysis has been done; the work could benefit from feedback from the community before it is a full paper (ala AMIA podium abstracts).

Interactive Poster Submission Quality: Interactive posters provide the opportunity for researchers–junior researchers are strongly encouraged to submit–to present their work that is either in the planning stage (e.g., identified a problem area and are currently needs assessment/developing the study/intervention) or just completed the study and are beginning the analysis stage.

We are also happy to be offering a student mentoring program. This will allow students to pair up with a senior researcher or faculty member. For students who are interested in participating in this program, please visit here to find out how to apply.

Important: WISH 2016 is an open admission workshop and does not require submitting a position paper. However, we do accept submissions for the WISH 2016 technical program.

Lena Mamykina, Columbia University
Madhu Reddy, Northwestern University
Katie Siek, Indiana University Bloomington
Gabriela Marcu, Drexel University
Leslie S. Liu, Indiana University Bloomington