Call for Papers

Health Information Technology (HIT) has the enormous potential to transform healthcare by positively impacting quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Similarly, new self-monitoring technologies and data science methods open unprecedented opportunities to inform decisions and choices of individuals who must manage their health and chronic diseases at home. As the impact of these technologies continues to increase, HIT researchers and practitioners are increasingly focusing on the design of interactive systems, human factors, and human-computer interaction. Many different research communities contribute to the advance of these technologies; these include human-computer interaction, human factors, biomedical informatics, behavioral medicine, among others. The overarching goal of the Workshop on Interactive Systems in Healthcare (WISH) is to establish lasting and meaningful connections between these communities, and bring together students and researchers from various disciplines who are working on creating, implementing, and evaluating innovative health technologies.

The first workshop in the series, WISH 2010 was co-hosted with CHI 2010 in Atlanta, GA. From 2011-2014, WISH was co-hosted with the Annual Symposium of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA). We are pleased to announce that in 2016 WISH is coming back to the HCI community and will be co-located with CHI 2016 in San Jose, California. This 2-day workshop will include an open workshop day (Saturday), and an invitation-only meeting of the WISH steering committee (Sunday). The open workshop day will include invited talks and panels, and peer-reviewed technical program and poster sessions. This format will provide participants ample time to network, discuss ideas, and work together to define a WISH-oriented research agenda. Notably, WISH2016 does not require submission of a position paper, and is open to all interested parties.

For WISH 2016, we are accepting three types of submissions: original research, research highlights, and interactive posters.

  • Original Research submissions discuss previously unpublished work in the space of Interactive Systems for Healthcare. These include, but are not limited to studies of user engagement with a variety of HIT and design and evaluation of novel HIT systems. Submissions in the Original Research category should follow CHI Extended Abstract Format with the page limit of 6 pages (including references).
  • Interactive Posters provide researchers with the opportunity to briefly present their previously unpublished work during a minute madness session and then spend time discussing their work with attendees during a poster session. Submissions in the Original Research category should follow CHI Extended Abstract Format with the page limit of 4 pages (including references).
  • Research Highlights allows researchers to share work relevant to WISH areas of investigation, which was accepted for publication and/or presented at other venues in the period between December 2014 (WISH2014) and May 2016. These submissions should include ONLY the abstract of the original publication and a brief summary explaining this work’s significance for WISH. These submissions should also include a statement that their submission to WISH does not conflict with the policies of the venue where the work was originally published or presented.

Accepted submissions will be published in the WISH 2016 proceedings. Authors retain all copyright. We encourage submissions discussing novel design approaches, experimental results, qualitative studies, policy and theoretical contributions, and any other health and interactive systems related content.  The goal of the workshop is to foster discussion, encourage broad ideas, and bring together a wide interdisciplinary audience.

All submissions will be regarded as the final publication-ready version of your submission. Therefore, the abstract and paper submission must be clearly written, carefully proofread and correctly formatted.

For students who are interested in receiving mentoring through WISH, please include an extra paragraph of interest to the submission. This paragraph should include who the student would like to be mentored by (from the steering committee). Students should also include at least 1 person outside of their own institution as potential mentors. 

March 1st: Submissions Due
April 1st: Submission and Mentoring Notifications

The submissions should be done through the EasyChair submission system:

If there are any questions or a need for further information, please send an email to